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cross the threshold

every breath reverses the world -- between the visible and the invisible

kindle a candle
to feel a misty sphere
through substance on a pane
like a floating nomad
on the threshold
------ Tomoko Ninomiya /description for "Schwelle vol.3:for the distant hearts", Tokyo 2007

Tomoko Ninomiya is from Tokyo. Working with wax,rice paper,tiny light boxes, she has created a series of illuminated paintings that hover in the darkness like ancient cave paintings suddenly stumbled upon by candle light. These delicate works are quiet and reflective. Referring to a childhood love of things translucent, the artist works toward that delicate balance between the visible and the invisible.
------ Cortland Jessup (Exhibition Curator)

Cortland Jessup Gallery New York 1998 ::: Free University of Berlin 1997

This is a private respiration system in order to calm everything... These illuminating sculptures are breathing the air between the visible and invisible. Not only is the entire work an installation ... each individual piece is a tableau "made of light" that you can touch and hold in your hands. In my childhood,translucent things used to comfort me. For example ... curtains,canopies,mosquito nets,and frosted glass... I especially liked to cover myself with a quilt in a room with light atmosphere. Through the translucence of the quilt,it seemed as if everything existed somewhere between the Visible and Invisible. In my work,I use wax as a similarly translucent material.
I hope that people will feel relaxed in my room ; some might discover something beyond the translucent surface of my works.
Despite their obscure nature, private and small things are sometimes more effective than severe message (ideologies).
And because every place in the world has profound significance, it is interesting for me to make installations in different places. I feel that being in a certain place is a "reflection" of what belongs there.
----- Tomoko Ninomiya /description for "Translucent Tranquilizer"

Arts Iowa City,1999

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