2nd-7th April, 2007 art space kimura ASK?
Tomoko Ninomiya exhibition Schwelle vol.3 -Anthology for Distant Heart-

Light an oil lamp
To see a fragile world
Through substance on a little pane
Like a floating nomad on a threshold

photo:Yuto Hirakakiuchi 2004

photo:Akihiko Iimura 2007

  From visible vs. invisible, to normal vs. abnormal or good vs. evil, people are inclined to divide between opposite things. When the grounds for the divisions are different in individuals, an infinite number of borders must appear in the world....I try to give a 'projection' with a primitive machine. This is an installation in order to evoke the 'ambiguity of the threshold'. (Tomoko Ninomiya)

-reference exhibition-"Japanese magic lanterns"from Matsumoto Natsuki Collection

poster for FIAF

A phantom of moonlight between the visible and invisible
by Natsuki Matsumoto

photo:Akio Hizume 2001

16 original paintings with words 16 projections with words

*Schwelle[Ger]n., threshold{Psycho}the level at which one starts to feel or react to something. According to R.Steiner, it also means the 'moment and field',at which one's consciousness steps into the super-sense-world from the sense-world.
[Tomoko Ninomiya exhibition" Schwelle"] vol.1 : PINHOLE LODGE '01 vol.2 : BIWAKO biennale '04  vol.3:art space kimura ASK? '07

2 mon.-7 sat. April, 2007
Open hour11:30〜19:00 *last day until 17:00

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