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A Deep breath of The Lighted Crystal

Technical support : TSUKAGOSHI Touji

Inspiration / Expiration

The increments of the light in the "Translucent Tranquilizer" are controlled by the mathematical dictates of an exponential curve.
An exponential curve can express a physical phenomenon in nature. For example,when we place a metal ball on a waterway,which has a smoothed bottom and is filled with continuously flowing water, we can see the velocity of the metal ball,reflected in an air-tight container is also reflected by the same curve. The controlled light of the "Translucent Tranquilizer" is like respiration. I think there is a reason that there are many "exponential curved phenomena" inside our bodies.

The Rhythm

The cycle was set a 1/3 or 1/4 of the breathing rate for a human being at rest. I expected to cool down our mental conditions,like taking "Tranquilizer". This rhythm is created by an analog-circuits. Analog-circuits were once regarded as an old fashion-expensive and inaccurate. As the rhythm varied under the influence of temperature,humidity and supplied voltage,it is perfectly suitable for expressing of "Tomoko NINOMIYA's world",which is quiet and cool,but warm.

 photo by T.Tsukagoshi
material:wax,medical instluments,LED...
copyright 1999 Touji Tsukagoshi

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